Matchy, Matchy

Matching Makeup to Clothes!

I have been noticing a new trend walking the catwalk AND the streets these days – matching makeup to clothes!  I, for one, love it!  I think it looks fresh and stylish and the beauty world totally needed a fresh start!

Below are a few of my favorites that you can use for inspiration!

  Purple eyeshadow and a purple dress!  Purple eyeshadow can look good on everyone, it’s all about finding the right shade.  Remember the more neutral the better – don’t go for a purple that is extremely bright and opaque.

Red lips for everyone!! Take your cue from the skin tones of the celebs above to find the perfect red for you!

I love the way her eyeliner matches the threading/beading in her dress!! LOVE! My favorite matchy, matchy tip so far!

All awash in orange crush!  Perfect!  This orangey color is actually neutral enough for all skin tones, so get to punching it up !!

Now, with all of this said, there is a way NOT to do the matchy, matchy trend!   Check it out below.  🙂

  A little too much!

  Too 80’s!!

Too blue!

So, which is your favorite matchy, matchy look and which will you definitely be trying soon?




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