Well, can you feel it??  Fall is in the air and that means pumpkin lattes, falling leaves, and a warmer wardrobe!  As most of you know, I enjoy adding a few essential items to my wardrobe each season and this time I wanted to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy!

Jo Malone London™ Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Yes!  Perfume should be part of your wardrobe and I love this one by Jo Malone.  This larger size is a bit pricey, but they have a smaller version that is comparable to most other high-end perfumes.  Here are the notes – It smells amazing!!  I have already purchased it!

-Top: bergamot, ambrette seeds, buchu leaves.

– Middle: sea salt, mineral accord, dry fruits.

– Base: driftwood accord, guaiac wood, white musk, sage.

To purchase go to Jo Malone or Nordstrom.

Topshop Katrina Buckle Ballerina Flat (Women)

Until very recently I ALWAYS wore high heels (how many of you can attest??), but with children heels are not always feasible!!  I have been searching for the perfect flats, because I prefer myself in heels.  They are elongating and make me feel better about myself and my outfit.  Anyway, I am considering trying these for fall.  What do you think?

These are by TopShop ($68) and can be purchased at Nordstrom.

Oversized Crossover Top

You may just see me in this super cute, oversized sweater from Anthropologie!  I love the comfort that comes with oversized shirts and they look great on all figures.  It’s all about creating the right silhouette for your body type.

You can purchase this top here.

Slide View: 1: The Essential Slim Trouser

Red is one of the hot colors for fall so these cigarette pants would be the perfect addition to your (my) wardrobe!  AND I can wear them with the TopShop flats if I decide to get them!

You can get them at Anthropologie.

Product Image: City Slicker Opal Necklace

I LOVE interesting jewelry and am always a sucker for a cool necklace.  This one follows all of the upcoming trends – choker, gold, and precious stones!

Free people

Main Image - gorjana Power Stone Bracelet

A gorgeous semiprecious-stone beaded and adjustable bracelet that promotes positive vibes – What’s not to like??  This is already in my shopping basket!

Get yours at Nordstrom.

Main Image - 1.STATE Rida Studded Bootie (Women)

These have my name written all over them!  I am SO crushing on them!!  Two things are holding me back – the price ($148) and the real leather (I am trying to limit the amount of real leather I purchase because I care about the animals).  I want them…anyone know a vegan leather shoe that is similar??


Main Image - Leith Grosgrain Cold Shoulder Top

I love cold-shoulder tops!  They add the right amount of interest to any outfit and they look good on everyone!  Shoulders are sexy!!

Get your sexy on!

I hope my crushes have inspired you to start getting your closet ready for fall!!  What are you crushing on?

Erin Sharplin Love


What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

Below is a visual digest of the outfits I’ve been wearing lately.  I hope you gain inspiration from one or more of them!  Thanks for checking them out!

20150303_085425 (2) 20150304_111143 (2) 20150312_101659 (2) 20150317_112158 (2) 20150319_111331 (2) 20150320_103153 (2) 20150325_110852 (2)

My favorite outfit is the last one with the pop of pink!  Which is your fave?


Outfits I’m Loving for Fall

I’m not necessarily excited about colder weather, but I am excited about fall and winter clothing! There are so many great layering pieces for fall, not to mention, I love the way boots look and feel! Below are a few of the outfits you’ll probably see me in soon!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Which one is your favorite?


Reasons Why Black is Awesome!

Reason Why Black is Awesome!!!

Are you one of those women who have a predominately black wardrobe?  If so, have you ever stopped to wonder why you are so drawn to it?  Below are some reasons why black is awesome!

1.  Black will never go out of style.

2.  Black goes with EVERYTHING!

3.  Well made black clothing will last for years.

4.  Black really does make you look thinner!

5.  Black can be worn throughout each season.

and finally, my favorite reason.

6.  You can totally spill red wine on your black clothing and no one will ever know!  LOL!

What is your favorite reason to keep black in your wardrobe?



Ask Erin

Ask Erin

I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet and trying to rework my wardrobe.  I want fewer clothes that I really love, that go well and easily together.  When I go in my closet, I feel like I have tons of clothes, and nothing to wear.  Other than your “get rid of it if you haven’t worn it in two years rule,” what other tips do you have for cleaning out one’s closet and putting together a wardrobe?

This is a super question!  🙂

Ok, after you have gone through your closet and weeded out everything that you haven’t worn in two years I suggest you take another swipe through your closet for items that you know you don’t like any more, that are torn/ripped/ or in other disrepair, and items that you don’t wear because they are wrinkled, etc. 

Put those four sets of items into different piles.  Take a look at the “haven’t worn in two years pile” and the “things I don’t like anymore pile.”  What is the common theme?  Take note of this theme so when you are shopping next time you will be able to stay away from those items that don’t work for you. 

Those items in the pile that are wrinkled should be pressed and placed back in the closet in ready-to-wear condition.  And those items that are in disrepair should be fixed or thrown out. 

Now, all that you should have in your closet are items that you love and wear consistently.  Make sure they are organized appropriately – like with like and in color order.  This will make each item easier to see and you will be able to find an item at a moment’s notice.  Another tip is to NEVER hang sets/outfits together.  Hanging your outfits or sets together will limit your realm of thinking and make it much easier for you to wear the same outfit over and over. 

After your closet is organized properly you will be able to see what you need to add to your wardrobe.  For instance, is your wardrobe primarily black?  (Don’t worry!  We are women and we naturally gravitate to that color for it’s slimming effects!)  Or are you the opposite and have lots of color but need the key neutral pieces to tie it all together?  Take inventory and really dissect your closet so you’ll know what you need to add!  🙂  Then you can shop!  My favorite part. 

I also suggest that you make a “lookbook” or “inspiration board” of outfits that you like and have found in magazines, online, etc.  Keep them in a binder or on a cork board in your closet and then refer to them when you are putting an outfit together.  Gain inspiration from others!

You should also try putting outfits together ahead of time for the week ahead.  I take time on Sundays to create and try on outfits for the entire week!  I am never late anymore!  Well…maybe sometimes!  LOL!

Yay!  I really hope this helps you!  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email me again!!

If anyone else has a question for me, please feel free to email or leave it in the comments below.







Matchy, Matchy

Matching Makeup to Clothes!

I have been noticing a new trend walking the catwalk AND the streets these days – matching makeup to clothes!  I, for one, love it!  I think it looks fresh and stylish and the beauty world totally needed a fresh start!

Below are a few of my favorites that you can use for inspiration!

  Purple eyeshadow and a purple dress!  Purple eyeshadow can look good on everyone, it’s all about finding the right shade.  Remember the more neutral the better – don’t go for a purple that is extremely bright and opaque.

Red lips for everyone!! Take your cue from the skin tones of the celebs above to find the perfect red for you!

I love the way her eyeliner matches the threading/beading in her dress!! LOVE! My favorite matchy, matchy tip so far!

All awash in orange crush!  Perfect!  This orangey color is actually neutral enough for all skin tones, so get to punching it up !!

Now, with all of this said, there is a way NOT to do the matchy, matchy trend!   Check it out below.  🙂

  A little too much!

  Too 80’s!!

Too blue!

So, which is your favorite matchy, matchy look and which will you definitely be trying soon?