Get Organized – The Kid’s Room

Organizing Your Kid’s Room

Although I don’t have any children of my own, I often get asked to organize kid’s rooms for my clients.  There is one simple rule to apply before beginning this organizing process and that is as follows –

If your child is under the age of 6, don’t bother! 

I have set this rule because when I have organized for children that are below the age of 6, it NEVER lasts.  It is extremely hard to talk a very young child into returning items to their place.  Now, I am speaking about a children’s playroom and not a closet.  Closets can definitely be organized for a child of any age.

Anyway, below are a few tips for when you think your child is mature enough to begin being taught where his or her toys should go and be returned to after playtime.

1.  Make it easy!  Use plenty of bright and roomy bins for organizing toys and stuffed animals.  Be sure to label each bin as you go.  Include a picture of what is in the bin along with the name and you will also be helping your child learn to read.

2.  Make items accessible!  Organize from the bottom up.  It is obviously much easier for your child to get in the habit of putting an item away if he can reach the bin.

3.  Make it fun!  Create some sort of award system for when your child puts his toys away properly and without a fuss.

 7 Blooming Marvellous Storage Ideas For Kids Rooms

These bins are the perfect size and would be great for any shelving unit or system.  Use one for stuffed animals, legos, action figures, bathtub toys, etc.

This is also a great system if you prefer the wicker basket look over the colored storage bins.

I recommend creating a whole seperate space for arts and crafts.

Do you have a specific area/toy/space that is in need of organization but you have know idea where to start?  Please feel free to ask!  🙂



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