2018 is YOUR Year to GET ORGANIZED

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12 Reasons to Make 2018 Your Year to Get Organized!


Have you made any resolutions this year?  Would one of them happen to be to “simplify” your life or to“get organized”?  The word “simplify” has been batted around quite a bit these days, and my guess is that many people are becoming increasingly tired of an accumulation of unneeded items around the house.  Can you relate?  If so, what has stopped you from beginning the cleaning process?  Is the thought too overwhelming?  Or maybe you don’t have time.  Either way, this article will give you some great reasons to stop procrastinating and to get organized :

  1. Your home will be cleaner. And who doesn’t enjoy the awesome feeling of a clean home?  Having fewer items means that you will have less to clean.  What?  Did I say “less to clean”?  YES!  Getting rid of unneccessary clutter will allow you to clean faster and easier, thus creating a home that is cleaner and more enjoyable.
  2. You life will feel less chaotic. Think about your mornings for a minute.  How chaotic is it trying to get your kids, much less yourself, out of the door and to school and appointments on time?  Now, picture yourself as a calm and organized mom who is ready for anything that may come her way.  Yep…you can have that by getting organized.
  3. Your children will notice. Simplicity and order exemplify discipline.  Your children will learn from your everyday discipline of cleaning and organizing and will almost instinctually display it later when they have created lives of their own.  Okay, okay…this doesn’t always happen, but I can guarantee that your children will notice if their home is cluttered or organized.
  4. Your relationship may improve. It is scientifically proven that clutter breeds stress and uneasiness.  How can you nurture your relationships under such circumstances?
  5. You will feel more confident. If I were to show up at your house right now, how would you feel?  Confident in your surroundings or embarrassed by them?  Getting organized guarantees that the answer to this question would be final – CONFIDENT!
  6. You will be able to have more fun. When your home is simplified and orderly, EVERYTHING takes less time.  That means MORE time for fun!!  As an added bonus, you will be confident enough to entertain friends and family in your home.
  7. You will be able to get more done! How much time do you waste looking for things?  How often do you pace back and forth because you forgot what you were doing?  If you live in clutter, I can bet this is a common occurrence.  Clutter makes it extremely hard to get stuff done!  End of story.
  8. You will never waste time again. In other words, you will never have to LOOK for things again!  You will always know right where they are.  How great does that sound??
  9. You can relax. Disorder creates  a feeling of being overwhlemed. That feeling is the opposite of “relaxed.”   Clear the clutter to create a more serene environment.  You will be able to enjoy the small things, such as sipping hot tea, reading a good book, etc.
  10. You will have more room for the things you love. By getting rid of the items that you aren’t using, you will make room for more of the things you do love and use.  More clothes?  Why yes…let me toss a few of the shirts that I don’t wear anymore!  More books?  I would love that!  Let me get rid of those that I have already read and don’t think I will read again.  Think about it…why are you holding on to items that aren’t serving any purpose??
  11. It may advance your career. Consider this scenario – Two women are up for a promotion.  One is frequently late to work, comes a bit frazzled, and never quite has the right outfit on.  The other is always on time, confident, and always looks streamlined and well-dressed.  Who is going to get that promotion?  My bet is on the one who is obviously more organized.
  12. Do it for yourself! You deserve it!!!

So, which reason gave you the push you needed to get organized? Please share with me!  erinlove@panachebyerin.com or comment below.


Thanks for reading!

Erin Sharplin Love








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