New Series: Monthly Amazon Lifestyle Favorites/January

I frequently post my favorite items on my social media sites, and get a lot of interest from them, so I thought that I would make it easier to see them all in one place! I am an Amazon Prime lover and since a LOT of the items I love and purchase time and time again are from Amazon, I decided to just make this post strictly Amazon favorites. You DO have an Amazon account, right? If not, what are you waiting for?? The prices are good, items ship fast, and they come straight to your front door!

Norpro Coffee Warmer

I use this coffee warmer every morning while I am getting ready. It keeps my coffee at the perfect temperature!


Viva Paper Towels

Paper towels may seem like an odd item to list as a fave, but these are worth it! Trust me!!

Cuisinart Popcorn Maker

Quick and Easy! We have popcorn every Sunday (and some days in between)!

Bememo Moisturizing Heel Socks

I use these moisturizing socks every time I give myself a manicure and pedicure. Sometimes I will even sleep in them, if needed.

NEW PINK YETI LIMITED ADDITION - Personalized Yeti Tumbler - Engraved Yeti Rambler - 20 oz Yeti - 30 oz Yeti - Personalized Yeti - Yeti Gift - Laser Engraved Yeti - Yeti Tumbler - Yeti Cup …

Personalized Pink Yeti

I carry one of these cups around on the daily!  I fill it with water, lemon, and sometimes lime.  It helps me meet my water goals and it fits in the cup holder in my car!

Tyler 64oz./Half Gallon Glamorous Wash - Diva

Tyler Glam Wash

Oh my gosh!  If you haven’t tried this laundry detergent yet, you HAVE to!!  It is on the expensive side, so I mix one to two cap fulls with my ALL Free & Clear detergent.  It leaves the most wonderful scent on your sheets, towels, lingerie, and whatever else you want to use it on!!  A must!

Heart Leaf Philodendron - Easiest House Plant to Grow - 4" Pot - Live Plant

Heart Leaf Plant

I LOVE decorating with LIVE plants, although, I do use silk or faux plants some, too.  I used to be terrible at keeping plants alive, but have learned through trial and error.  Now I know what plants I have luck with and which ones I do not.  This heart leaf plan is super easy to care for and doesn’t need tons of sun.  This vendor sends a “care” sheet with this plant.  


Papermate Flair Pens

These are my favorite pens for journaling and paper planning.  They do not bleed and come in super fun colors!


I hope you find as much happiness from these items as I did!  Please share some of your Amazon favorites, too!  


Erin Sharplin Love





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