“Fashionable Friday” – Can you wear red?

During my image consultant certification process, I was taught how to give personal color analysis to women who wanted to know what their best and worst colors are.   The training taught me that there are so many different skin tones that it is hard to categorize EVERYONE into one of the four color categories – Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn.  Instead, I took my knowledge and developed my own system of figuring out each and every persons best and worst colors.  When they leave a color analysis with me, they will leave with a book that has all of their personal best colors in it. 

As I was learning about all of the different colors, I realized that there are several colors that are extremely hard for most people to wear.  Those are yellow, orange, purple, and red.  All of these colors have so many different tones that they can come in that it takes trial and error to figure out which shade is the best.  Today I’d like to help you figure out if you can wear the color red. 

Your skin will either have pink, red, yellow, blue, or a combination of each, undertones.  Those who have red undertones should steer clear of red for the most part as it will only exacerbate the red in your skin.  Surprisingly, red looks best against pale skin tones with blue or pink undertones.  Just to clarify, though, I am speaking about “true” red, not a red that has brown or orange added to it. 

When fitting red into your wardrobe, your first choice will most likely be to pair it with black or white, but try not to do it!  Red looks best with hot colors such as pinks and oranges.  Have fun with red.  Red is a standout “look at me” color.  Treat it as such!!  And remember, there is a shade of red for most skin tones.  It’ll just take time to find the right one for you. 

If you need any help let me know!

Erin Sharplin Love


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