FREE Printable – To Do List

I am an avid proponent of the “To Do List” and have been searching for one that fits my needs perfectly for a while.  I’ve ordered numerous ones from Etsy DIYers.  Purchased them from Target and other companies and even used plain, old, boring, lined paper.  Unfortunately, though, those “to do” lists never made me happy, so … I create my own AND I’m sharing!  Please feel free to print and share this “To Do List” until your heart’s content.  I just ask one thing!  Please leave me a comment stating “I printed your To Do List!” so I’ll know just how many of you love it as much as I do!  Thank you!

Please click the pdf link below to print your FREE To Do List!

to-do list

Don’t forget to let me know you printed it, please!

Thank you so much!


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How I Would Wear Neon

How I Would Wear Neon

Shirts blouse

Michael kors handbag
$465 -

Kate spade jewelry

CÉLINE celine eyewear

Essie nail polish

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10 Reasons to Get Organized

10 Reasons to Get Organized 

Has getting organized been on your “to do” list for a while, but you just can’t seem to find the time, or courage, to tackle it?  Sometimes all you need is a little motivation to make things happen, so below is a list of 10 reasons to get organized now!

  1. Save Money –  I thought I would start with this reason because we all want to save a little bit of money, don’t we?  Getting organized will, for instance, save you money by getting rid of late fees that you have paid because you misplaced or forgot about a bill.  Also, how many times have you purchased another can of tomatoes because you didn’t know you already had several at home?
  2. Save Time – Getting organized will save you a whole lot of time, because you will no longer have to waste it by looking for misplaced items!
  3. Reduce Stress – As clutter builds, so does your stress level.  Simply beginning the organizing process will reduce the level of stress immediately.
  4. Become More Efficient – Clearing your desk of clutter, for instance, will make getting things done much easier and faster.
  5. Have More Fun – Since you’ll be saving time by getting organized, that means that you’ll have more of an opportunity to do the things you love.
  6. Never Be Late Again – Being late and being disorganized seem to go hand-in-hand.  When you are organized it’s much easier to get ready and be out of the door on time.
  7. Enjoy Your Home – A clean, organized home is much more relaxing than a dirty, disorganized home!  Let’s face it…clutter isn’t pretty!
  8. Find More Energy – Clutter is nothing but an energy drainer.  Walk into the most cluttered room of your home.  How does it make you feel?  Drained, tired, and like you want to fly the coop I bet!  Getting rid of clutter will immediately free up your energy.
  9. Find Your Focus – Piles of paper clutter tend to taunt you with unfinished tasks, but when the clutter is gone you will find it easier to focus and complete the tasks which are of utmost importance.
  10. Become a Positive Influence – Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get organized on our own.  By getting organized you may be the influence that a friend or family member needed.


Here’s another tip – Print this article and post it somewhere you will see it daily.  That way getting and/or staying organized will always be at the top of your “to-do” list.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!  Please feel free to share these tips and/or comment below!



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How to Mix Leopard Prints

How to Mix Leopard Prints


River Island brown boots
$41 -

Biba silk scarve
$57 -

Cateye sunglasses
$8.19 -

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Spring 2014 Trends

Spring 2014 Trends

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3 Steps to Clearing Paper Clutter

3 Steps to Clearing the Paper Clutter!


Is paper clutter taking over your house?  Between the paper you already have floating around and the deluge of incoming mail that seems to grow every day, it may seem like a losing battle, but it’s not!  Below are a few tips on how you can clear the paper clutter once and for all!

Deal With The Mail Daily – You will make an immediate difference in the amount of paper clutter that enters your home if you sort your mail immediately upon collecting it from the mailbox.  Toss any and all junk mail before setting the stack down.

Create a Drop System – Even if you deal with mail on a daily basis, you still need a system for taking action on the items you keep.  For instance, I have a “drop” system at my home.  My drop system is simply two cubby holes that house my bills and other action items, as well as, those of my husband.  We designate one day of the week to clear the cubby and take action on each item (file, pay, toss, mail, etc.).

Make Sure Everyone is Involved – Figure out a system for the rest of your family, too.  For instance, children bring tons of paperwork home from school.  Make it a habit to sort through and take action on each item every day!  File or display artwork, sign permission slips and replace in bag, toss or shred any unneeded worksheets, etc.

In the end, the only way to get rid of the paper clutter is to change your habits!  You must make each of the steps above a daily and weekly habit to see results.




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Shop Without Regret

Shop Without Regret

If you are like most women, I bet there are a few items in your closet that you regret buying.  To combat that issue in the future ask yourself the following questions before making any purchase:

1.  Will I get more than a couple of wears out of this item?

2.  Will it work for more than one season?

3.  Are there at least three items already in my closet that I can mix and match this item with?

4.  Do I already own something similar?

5.  Will it still fit if my weight fluctuates a few pounds?

If you answered yes to ALL of these questions, the item is a keeper!  Buy it and mix and match until your heart’s content.



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