Creative Ways to Keep Treasures New & Old

Creative Ways to Keep Treasures New & Old

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I got a bit of inspiration via a Facebook comment,  (Thanks, Sherry!) , so I thought the perfect way to answer her question was through a post.  I hope you find my tips helpful, too.

As loved ones pass in and out of our lives, memorabilia (and beautiful memories) is accumulated.  But, what do we do with all of those little keepsakes?  Package them up and stick them in the attic?  Or set them in a chest rarely to be seen again?  I say “Absolutely Not!”  Those keepsakes should be displayed in a way that preserves the memory, yet keeps it visible for all to enjoy.  Below are a few of my tips for creative ways to keep your little treasures:

Cards & Such – Do you have special cards (birthday cards, love letters, recipe cards, tickets, postcards, etc.) from a loved one that you can’t part with?  I suggest framing them and creating a collage wall or simply place them on bookshelves or in another special place.  I have recipe cards written in my grandmother and great grandmothers handwriting, I have to do this!:
Framed Recipe How to Decorate a Kitchen   Stylish & Practical Ways to Accessorize Your Space

Send yourself a postcard from your trip. | 20 Non-Scrapbook Ways To Remember Your Vacation Forever:

Clothing or Blankets – Clothing and blankets are also kind of hard to give up sometimes, especially when they remind you of your child when he was a baby.  Instead of getting rid of them or packing them into a plastic storage container, choose a few of your favorite pieces and get creative!!  Check out the pics below.

Baby Keepsake Quilt.  Link below is to a company that will make them.  Image was from a FB post:

Teddy bear made from old baby clothes

What a fun keepsake for those favourite baby clothes you can't bear to part with!  NEW Memory Pillow baby clothes quilt Memory quilt by LulasLuvables:

Memory Pillows Keepsake | ... shirts, robes, or dresses make a comforting Sleeved Memory Pillow:

Books and Bibles – In my opinion, there is nothing like reading a good, old book.  There is something about the feel of the pages and the scent of the old paper that makes it so wonderful to me.  With that said, I often run across others who feel the same way about old books, especially Bibles, that were previously owned by a loved one.  Below are my suggestions on displaying old books and bibles.

French books under a dome. what about the pastors journal I have?:

Repro antique glass display case via Miss Mustard Seed (decorsteals)

Love this idea for a display of family geneology items...old Bibles, notebooks, journals and the Christus.  HVÍTUR LAKKRÍS

old books, dough bowl and grain sack

Jewelry – When my grandmother passed away she left me all of her jewelry.  Some of it was great, timeless necklaces, but there were also rings that were too big for me.  Some of them I got sized to fit my finger, and some of them were recreated into stud earrings.  I always suggest trying whatever you can so that you may be able to wear the items yourself, but if that doesn’t work for you and you simply want to hold onto the pieces in their original form, below are a few suggestions.

frame grandma's jewelry on a piece of linen.  I love this idea!:

i LOVE this idea of pinning "momento jewelry" (handed down from grandmothers, etc) inside a shadowbox frame and it doubles as art! :):

75 Ways to Fill Clear Glass Ornaments {Homemade Christmas Ornaments} - Refunk My JunkRefunk My Junk:

Shadow box turned jewelry display - perfect for displaying delicate jewelry or vintage pieces:

I hope this sparks some inspiration for you!!

Have you done something creative with your keepsakes recently?  Please share!

Thanks for reading!

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How Will YOU Wear THE Color of 2013?

THE Color of 2013

If you haven’t heard by now, the color of 2013 is emerald green!  Although emerald green isn’t necessarily the best color for my skin tone (this color has a cool undertone so it looks best on those who have blue and/or pink undertones in their skin), there are ways that I will definitely be incorporating it into my wardrobe anyway.  Below are my favorite ways to incorporate any color into your wardrobe with ease.

1.  Accessorize!!  Take a cue from Angelina, and rock an emerald green earring with your LBD, for instance!  Don’t like statement-making earrings?  Try a necklace,bracelet, or ring instead.  Just remember that one statement making piece is all you need. 

2.  Carry it!  I will definitely be incorporating an emerald green purse/bag into my wardrobe this year!  I love the way it adds a jolt of color! 


3.  Get a leg up!  The best way to wear any color that isn’t your best color is to wear it on your bottom half!  Color matters closest to the face. 

4.  Nail it!  Your nails can instantly become an accessory, too! 

So, how will you incorporate emerald green into your wardrobe for 2013?  Is it your color??

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Nail Polishes That Look Good on Everyone!

Nail polish has recently climbed the fashionable ladder and is now considered an actual accessory, and we all know what accessories do  – they complete an outfit.  So, do you know which polishes are the best for your skin tone?  Below I will give you a few polishes that look good on every skin tone!  Check it out.

Nail Polishes That Look Good on Everyone

Opi Nail Polish - Mrs O'leary's Bbq #W44  OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s Bbq – If you are unsure about what red to choose, this deep cranberry color is for you.  The perfect combo of cool and warm tones makes it my “go to” red for all occasions.

China Glaze Metro Collection #998 CONCRETE CATWALK 81074  China Glaze’s Concrete Catwalk – If you like the look of almost black nail polish but are too afraid you can’t pull it off, try this one.  It’s dark enough, but not harsh!

OPI Nice Stems Collection, Play the Peonies OPI’s Play the Peonies – This is the perfect neutral, in my opinion. It’s a baby pink, but not pastel. It’s like a mixture of ivory and pearl pink. Love it!

Opi Texas Collection It's Totally Fort Worth It, .5 oz.  OPI’s Fort Worth It – I think everyone should try a metallic and silver is the best for all skin tones.  This polish can be very light and sheer, or you can put on several coats and make it a tad brighter and more opaque.  I like to apply three coats of this polish.  🙂

The most important thing with nail polish, as with any and all fashion related items, don’t be afraid to TRY different colors.  If you don’t try, you never know if you’d like it or not.  Have fun!