Happy Valentine’s Day – What is Your Organizing Personality

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I hope your day is going GREAT so far!  I am gearing up to go to my kid’s Valentine party at school in a bit, but wanted to get a quick blog post out to you!

When it comes to helping clients get rid of clutter, I have found that there are three different personality types that they typically have:

  1.  The Indecisive – They have trouble deciding what to keep and what to let go of merely because they are indecisive…”I may use this someday.”
  2.   The Perfectionist – This person typically never gets anything done because every detail of the process has to be complete perfect before they even think about beginning.
  3.   The Sentimentalist – She has a sentimental attachment to a lot of items, but doesn’t necessarily use them.

Do you already know which personality type is you??  I am sure you already have a good idea, so I want to give you a few tips on getting past these blocks when needed.

The Indecisive-page-001

THE SENTIMENTALIST-page-001The Perfectionist-page-001

Please let me know what your organizing personality is and if these graphics help you!

Erin Sharplin Love

Game Day Purse Picks

Football season is FINALLY upon us andI am so excited!!  Who will you be cheering for this year?  I am a die-hard Saints fan and I look forward to attending as many games as possible each year.  I am thankful to have a friend that helps me celebrate my birthday each year in New Orleans and this year will be no different.  We already have our rooms booked and tickets ready!  (Oh and I HAVE to put this out in the Universe – I am open to accepting Saints season tickets however they may come to me.  And so it shall be.)

If you have ever attended a stadium football game, you know that there are “stadium-approved” bags that you must use if you want to get past the front doors.  Below is a snapshot of what is approved at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome:

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With that said, I thought I would share a few of my pics for STYLISH and stadium-approved  bags.

Imoshion Clear Messenger Bag – This bag has tons of style with the grommets and top handle.  It will hold as much as most medium-sized messenger bags.

 Small Bag from Etsy– This is a small clutch-like purse that is perfect for the “just the essentials” girl.

Monogrammed on Etsy– This purse is fairly thin and will hold only necessities.  The good part about this bag is that it is completely flat so it will take up virtually no space in your suitcase!

Round gold– A fun, yet stylish choice for those who want something besides the typical square or rectangle-style purse.  Too bad they didn’t offer this one in a football shape!!

kilofly Women's 2-in-1 Transparent Clear Bag Shoulder Crossbody Purse + WalletAmazon.com– This is the purse I chose to try this year.  (Don’t worry Kim!  I got you one, too!)  This purse also comes with a small wallet to keep your cards and ID hidden from view, as well as a small bag that is perfect for compartmentalizing.  I plan on putting my lipstick, lip gloss, and hand sanitizer inside of it.  The top of this bag clasps shut and you can wear it as a cross-body.

So, which one is your favorite?  Do you have other suggestions, too??  Please share!


Thanks for reading!!


Erin Sharplin Love

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Right Brain/Left Brain – What Does it Mean for Your Organizing Habits?

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Right or left?  Do you know which side of your brain is dominant?  Do you even realize that the answer to this question could have a profound effect on the way you organize your home?  As a professional organizer, I don’t organize each and every home the exact same way.  Instead, I try to personalize each project based on the needs, wants, and style of my client. Like fingerprints, each person’s organizing style is unique.   Part of assessing their needs and wants entails discovering which side of their brain is dominant.  Meaning are they more creative (right-brain dominant) or more logical (left-brain dominant), for instance.

To help you discover your dominant side, take a few minutes to review the list of characteristics:

Right Brainers

Impulsive – They love spontaneity and love to “fly by the seat of their pants”

Emotional – They often act before thinking

Artistic – They often paint, write, and/or create music effortlessly

Intuitive – They often rely on their gut reaction instead of looking for facts

Right-brainers often run late and have no concept of time.  They rarely wear watches and if they do, they don’t pay attention to it.  It is merely a fashion statement.


Left Brainers

Planners – They love to plan out their next move

Rational – They don’t let feelings get in the way

Logical – They are often good a math, accounting, etc.

Precise – They like to research and are often the ones who give good directions

Left-brainers typically think in sequential order and are keenly aware of time.


If you are still unsure about which side of your brain dominates, this final test will help.  Check out your tube of toothpaste.  Is it neat, clean, and squeezed from the bottom up?  Or is it messy, crumpled, and squeezed from anywhere on the tube?  If it is the former you are predominately left-brained and if it is the latter you are predominately right-brained!


Now, let’s move on to discovering how you can develop an organizing system that works for you.  Given the fact that most left-brainers don’t have an issue with getting and staying organized I will mostly focus on those of you who are right-brain dominant.  (I bet you can already guess which side of my brain is dominant!)


The first step to any organizing project is preparation.  While left-brainers will have no problem with this step, right-brainers rarely complete the organizing process because they lack the urge to PLAN, or even still they lack the FOCUS to plan.  They tend to have several things going on at once and often feel at their most productive when multi-tasking.   When I prepare for an organizing project, I take the time to envision the desired outcome.  How will the space look when I am finished, for instance.  If you are a right-brainer, you may prefer to clip pictures and create a vision board for the space you want to organize.  This will satisfy your artistic tendencies, while still keeping you focused on the end.


Next, I create a plan of attack.  I literally craft a timeline of what task needs to be accomplished first, second, third, and so on to get to my desired goal.  As a left-brainer this is no problem for me, however, a right-brainer will not be able to think in such a linear way.  Instead, one thought can lead to enumerable other thoughts that will then derail a right-brainer from the end goal.  If this sounds like you, may I suggest that you begin by writing down the steps you feel that you should take to reach your desired destination.  I think a mind-map form would be more beneficial to you.  A mind map is more like a brainstorm session than a detailed and numbered list.  *Note:  To learn more about how to mind map, just Google it!


Set aside the time to work on the project. Notice I said “work on” and not “complete” the project.  All in all, however, I do suggest that you continue to set aside time to work on the project until it is, in fact, complete.  Completing an organizing project in one session is not practical for most right-brainers, so my tip is to schedule a time – mark it in your calendar – and then adhere to the schedule fervently.  No excuses.


Finally, create a daily maintenance schedule.  This will please both right and left-brainers!!  Daily maintenance simply means saving time to clear your desk or tidy up the kitchen after cooking the family meal.  A space is much easier to KEEP clean and organized than it is to GET clean and organized so once you have completed the latter you definitely want to maintain it!


Tips for Right-Brainers:


  1. Work in five minute increments. Use a timer!  You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in what is seemingly such a short amount of time!  For instance, begin on one end of your desk and work yourself to the other or start organizing a drawer that has been bugging you.  As someone who frequently gets side-tracked, you will find that the timer helps to keep you focused for that amount of time.  The good news is that being focused can become a learned habit.  You will soon find yourself able to focus for a bit longer than five minutes at a time.  You will be able to set your limit when you feel yourself consistently staying off track.  Who knows, your focus time may end up being as much as thirty minutes to an hour!


  1. Make sure you create some satisfying right-brain distractions into the organizing process. For instance, turn some music on and move while clearing a drawer.  Incorporate a drawer liner that speaks to you and adds color and pop to the area.  Right brainers love artistic touches!


  1. Right-brainers are more prone to emotional attachments than left-brainers are. Fortunately, simply knowing this will jump start you in the process of decluttering.  Truly FEEL whether or not you need to let an item go or not.  If you don’t have room for it and it isn’t useful to you in the present moment, get rid of it.  As long as you have it, no one else will be able to benefit from it either.


  1. Since you may easily get distracted, I suggest keeping a notebook and pen handy to jot down future tasks that need completing. If you are organizing your office, for instance, but today’s task only entails sorting and filing paperwork, you may spot a stack of magazines that need sorting.  Jot that task down for a later date and don’t stop your current task.


  1. Right-brainers have a hard time making decisions, so I use a long-trusted technique to combat it – Flip a coin!! If you stumped and cannot decide whether to keep an item, flip a coin!!!  It works!


The good news is that skills predominately used by the right or left brain can all be learned with practice.  In other words, if you are a right-brainer who longs for the use of her left brains systems and lists, work on incorporating them into your daily life.  Conversely, if you are a left-brainer (like me), you may feel the urge to break out of your perfectionistic box by taking an art class or jamming to some classical music.  Rock your world by using BOTH sides of your brain daily!  Practice makes perfect.


Creating a Productive Workspace

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Surprisingly, having an inadequate workspace can affect you personally, emotionally, and financially. Rather, it should be a place where you enjoy spending your time, and it should be organized and productive. If your workspace doesn’t inspire and motivate you to create the best work in an efficient manner, stay tuned.  My tips below should help!

  • Begin by decluttering. In the end, you want your workspace to be clean and clutter free, so always begin by removing anything that doesn’t serve a specific, work-related purpose. Some items will be trash, while other items will simply need to be relocated. The clearer our desks the clearer our
  • Create smart storage. Take note of all the ways you could possibly store and organize your things. Maybe you could add shelving to the walls surrounding your desk, for instance. I like to keep floors clear, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t add a stylish filing cube of some sort. I also suggest sticking to one color scheme when purchasing organizing products, such as baskets, bins, filing racks, etc. Although bright colors can promote happiness and alertness, too many colors can distract. Finally, I always utilize labels in a productive
  • Prevent piles of mail from accumulating. Flat surfaces tend to attract stacks of paper, so don’t let that happen by going vertical! In other words, use some stackable trays or hang baskets vertically on an empty wall to sort through mail. As soon as mail comes into your home, categorize it by the action that needs to be taken, such as bills that need to be paid, invitations that need responses,
  • Keep supplies at your fingertips. Make sure you can find a pencil, pen, eraser, paper clip, or any other item in a moment’s notice. There is nothing more frustrating than having to dig through a bottomless and unorganized drawer. Instead, use clear, plastic containers to categorize each item and keep your drawers neat and
  • Wrangle the myriad of cords! An office can accumulate an unbelievable array of cords and wires, so take the time to sort through them all and get rid of any cords that you no longer Then neatly wrap and label each cord according to use.  There are several ways to organize cords, but my favorite (and the least expensive) is to cut a toilet paper tube in half, cover with washi tape and slip the cords inside. You can then use a marker to label each roll or you could use a label maker. Another easy way to wrangle your cords is to wrap them in reusable Velcro ties.
  • Finally, you must make your area inviting and beautiful so you will want to spend time Below are a few of the ways I style a workspace:
    1. Add pictures and art to the surrounding walls and/or desktop. When you are pondering something and staring off into space, it will help to have something positive surrounding you.
    2. Employ a corkboard to serve as an inspiration board! This might be one of the most important things you can add to your workspace. After all, if you can dream it, it can happen!
    3. Greenery always livens up an area, and it will help clear the air of toxins. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, a faux plant will


  1. Make sure your chair is comfortable! Add pillows and a throw blanket for when you get a chill.
  2. Add an alternative light source, such as a lamp or desk light. Not only are they beneficial for completing necessary paperwork, they also add a bit of ambiance to the
  3. Don’t forget to add your favorite candle to complete the space. Watching the flicker of a flame can be

Once you complete these tips for creating a productive workspace, I can guarantee that you will work better because of the neatness and functionality.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips!  I would love to hear your tips!  Please comment below.


Thanks for stopping by!



Getting Organized for Back to School

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Move over, summer!  A new school year is almost here and that means hectic schedules, alarm clocks, and paper piles.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all, but with a little organization you can create order out of the chaos.  Check out my tips below:

Take the time to transition!  Don’t let the school year sneak up on you.  Begin easing your children into their new bedtime routine gradually.  For instance, begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier until it’s closer to the hour they will need to awake for school.

Organize their school clothes.  Go ahead and set aside a space in your child’s closet specifically for school clothes.  If your children do not wear uniforms, it may be a good idea to put together outfits a week at a time to avoid a war in the morning.  Or if you need to shop, check out the next tip.

Plan before you shop.  The beginning of the school year is always the biggest shopping time for stores, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.  Make a list of what your child needs so you won’t wander aimlessly and then leave with nothing, or worse, leave with way more than you need!

Create the perfect backpack nook.  This could be in a mudroom, laundry room, or simply inside the door they use the most.  I suggest hanging a coat hook for the backpack and placing a roomy basket underneath for papers and other paraphernalia.  Stopping paper clutter at the door is a must for any organizing junkie!

Make a plan for those piles of paper.  I suggest that you go ahead and devise a plan for what you will do with the paperwork that is soon to bombard you.  I love the idea of scanning coloring pages, A+ grades, and other keepsake pages and tossing the original.  Another idea is to create a display area for special papers and rotate them as needed.

Create a homework station.  Make doing homework more fun by creating the perfect space for your little one.  Let them help by decorating it and then storing it with papers, pencils, crayons, and other school work necessities.

Invest in a large calendar.  If you haven’t already, I suggest purchasing a large calendar that you can put in a central location for all to use.  When you begin receiving special dates from the school and/or sporting teams, put them in the calendar immediately.  I can imagine that nothing would be worse than missing your daughter’s school play or your son’s first t-ball game.

Create a nightly routine.  I promise this will save you from becoming crazed every school morning.  The more you can do the night before, the better.  For instance, go ahead and plan breakfast, pack lunches, choose outfits, scan backpacks for missing homework, projects, or library books, and make sure music and/or sports bags are packed and ready.

Remember…you can never be too prepared!

Happy new school year!!


The MUSTS for Being Organized

If you truly want to get and STAY organized, there are several MUSTS that you need to abide by.  First and foremost, it is important to note that you must change your mindset in order to truly get and stay organized.  You have to WANT to get organized and then you will be able to set yourself up for success.   Above all, there are “musts” that every organized person knows and adheres to.  I am sharing them below:

Everything in your home must have a specific home!

After you use an item in must be returned to its home immediately!

Follow the one in, one out rule.

Procrastination will kill your success!

Never leave a project unfinished.

If an item remains unused for more than two years, get rid of it.

Take a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day to put items away.

Make adjustments to your organizing process as needed!

Never go shopping without a plan!

STAYING organized is much harder than getting organized, but not if you follow these “musts”!  I hope they help. 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!!  Please feel free to share it!


Erin Sharplin Love

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