Read This Before Shopping!

It’s here – The beginning of another school year!  And that means that most stores are primed up and ready for savvy shoppers to appear.  Sale, sale, sale will be the words that you’ll hear and see for the next few weeks, so let me give you a tip – Don’t let the word “sale” suck you into purchasing items that you don’t need or are poorly made!  Below are a few questions to ask when shopping the back-to-school sales:

1.  Would you purchase the item if it weren’t on sale?  If the answer is “no” then walk away!

2.  Do you love the item?  If not, you shouldn’t feel bad about leaving it for someone who will love it.

3.  Does the item fit appropriately?  Don’t get coerced into buying something that doesn’t fit you appropriately – even if the price is right.

4.  Is this item needed?  Again, don’t let the word “sale” trick you into purchasing an item that you don’t need!  If you know that you will have a problem with this, I advise you to make a shopping list and then make yourself stick to it.  

5.  Is the item well made?  If you’ve answered positively to the previous questions, the last one should come down to how well-made the item is.  Tug on the seams, check buttons and snaps for sturdiness, check the hem, etc.  Make sure there are no flaws associated with the item and then you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to purchase.  

If you are honest with yourself, shopping a sale can be rewarding and fun.  Otherwise, you may just end up with a closet full of junk!  



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