Organizing With Trays

Organizing With Trays

Here is a little tip that you can take to the bank – Everything looks better on a tray!!  When you want to instantly organize with style, consider adding a tray to your space.  Below are some of my favorite ways to organize with trays:


1.  Organize your perfume!

2.  Use a tray to corral shoes!

3.  Use a tray in the kitchen!

4.  Trays are great for the office, too.

5.  Trays look great in bathrooms.

6.  Make a coffee bar and decorate it with a tray.

7.  You can even use a try in the pantry!

Trays are great for every room and every situations, so remember them when your area is missing that final touch.  

Where is your favorite place to use a tray for organization?


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