3 Steps to Clearing Paper Clutter

3 Steps to Clearing the Paper Clutter!


Is paper clutter taking over your house?  Between the paper you already have floating around and the deluge of incoming mail that seems to grow every day, it may seem like a losing battle, but it’s not!  Below are a few tips on how you can clear the paper clutter once and for all!

Deal With The Mail Daily – You will make an immediate difference in the amount of paper clutter that enters your home if you sort your mail immediately upon collecting it from the mailbox.  Toss any and all junk mail before setting the stack down.

Create a Drop System – Even if you deal with mail on a daily basis, you still need a system for taking action on the items you keep.  For instance, I have a “drop” system at my home.  My drop system is simply two cubby holes that house my bills and other action items, as well as, those of my husband.  We designate one day of the week to clear the cubby and take action on each item (file, pay, toss, mail, etc.).

Make Sure Everyone is Involved – Figure out a system for the rest of your family, too.  For instance, children bring tons of paperwork home from school.  Make it a habit to sort through and take action on each item every day!  File or display artwork, sign permission slips and replace in bag, toss or shred any unneeded worksheets, etc.

In the end, the only way to get rid of the paper clutter is to change your habits!  You must make each of the steps above a daily and weekly habit to see results.




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