What Not to Wear?

What Not to Wear?

In the fashion world, there are SO many choices that the lines can become a bit blurred regarding what would look good on your body type and what wouldn’t.  Luckily, my years of experience as a fashion and image consultant have taught me what to stay away from to ensure you will always look your best.  I would love to share those with you now.

Please keep in mind, though, that I am in no way saying that you should never or can never wear any of the items below!  I am merely saying that these items are a bit harder for some body types to wear and that you should pay close attention when trying the them on.  If you are ever unsure, it’s better to steer clear.  Below are my tips:

1.  Tops with wide sleeves – Unless you find the perfect fit for your arm length, which is rare when you are buying off the rack, your whole silhouette can be thrown off.  The best bet is to find an awesome tailor or steer clear of wide sleeves altogether.

2.  Tops with cap sleeves – Cap sleeves are especially hard to wear for those who have a bit of weight in their arms because they call attention to the widest part of your arms.  If you are already self-conscious about your arms, a cap sleeve may not be for you.

3.   Chunky knit sweaters – In my opinion, chunky knits are hard for most body types.  It take some shopping to find THE perfect one for almost everyone.  An ill-fitting chunky knit sweater tends to pull a thin person’s silhouette down, while it can bulk a heavier person’s silhouette up.

4.  Neon colors near your face –  Neon colors are very hard to pull off for a lot of skin tones since the tone is so bright.  In my experience, darker skin looks best in most of the neon tones.  If you love neons, go for pops of the trend instead of all over color.  Or, at the very least, wear jewelry in a metal that is perfect for your skin tone.

5.   Wide ankle pants – This trend tends to stop the silhouette of your leg…dead.  So that means that if you have short legs they will appear shorter and chunkier, no matter how big or small you are.

All in all, your best bet is to try each of the above pieces on, in front of a full length mirror, before deciding to purchase them.  If you are ever unsure…skip it.  There are plenty of other items that are perfect for you!




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