My Favorite Way to Organize…

My Favorite Way to Organize…

Every time I take on an organizing project for a client, I learn something new.   Sometimes a light bulb (pun intended, see below) will go off in my head and I will have found the perfect way to organize a certain item.  Or the layout of a kitchen, for instance, will spur a whole new set of inspiration for me.  All in all, though, there are a few items that I consistently organize the same way…because it just makes sense and it works!  Why change what works?  🙂  Below are my favorite ways to organize…

Lightbulbs – Keep bulbs in labeled, see-through bins!  It is so much easier to see what you have and what you need to add to your shopping list.  These bins are easily stackable, so you won’t be able to neglect the vertical space in your cabinets or closets. Plastic bins storing lightbulbs

Pet Toys – Pet lovers tend to collect toys for their furry friend like they do for their two-legged children, so why not keep them accessible!  I love storing dog and/or cat toys in a wicker basket that is easy for your dog or cat to choose a toy from. 

Jewelry – Display your jewelry as if it was in a boutique!  Not only does it look better, it makes getting dressed so much more fun!

Snacks – Take all individually wrapped items out of those bulky boxes and display them in a basket or bin!  It looks great, is easy for tiny hands to find, and you will always know when something needs to be added to your shopping list!

Pants – I prefer to “long hang” pants from their waistband (or cuff) instead of folding them over a hanger.  It prolongs the life of your pants because you will never have to deal with the hanger mark that is inevitably left when they are folded over a hanger, plus they will not fade if you don’t wear them very often. 

Well, those are a few of my favorite ways to organize.  Do you have any?  Please share!

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One thought on “My Favorite Way to Organize…

  1. Hi Erin,
    I’m happy to say I do most of these… right now, I have all kinds of light bulbs mixed together in a plastic bin, so I think I’ll change that. I made holders for my earrings using old picture frames and replacing the glass with pet cage wire.

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