Declutter While Doing Good

Declutter While Doing Good!

Are your closets and cabinets crowded with extra towels, sheets, blankets, and other items that could possibly help those that are less fortunate?  I bet there are quite a few items that aren’t serving their purpose for you anymore, but that would be perfect for a shelter dog or cat, for instance.  I bet that you even have an old toy that has become old news to your dog or cat, too.  Why not get rid of the unneeded clutter and make a difference for a pet in need at the same time?  Below is a list of items that animal shelters most commonly need:

1.  Toys – Scrounge up those old toys that your dog or cat refuses to play with now and give them a quick scrub down so they are ready for a new home.  Don’t forget that you can make a toy from old socks, as well!  Just stuff one of the socks with several old socks or wash cloths, tie a knot at the end, and voila!

2.  Blankets – Blankets always come in handy!  Not only are they comfy to lay on, they are warm to snuggle in.

3.  Newspaper – A lot of the shelters use newspaper to line litter boxes, kennels, and other areas.  So save those papers!

4.  Towels – Shelters use towels for bathing the animals, as well as for bed liners.  It doesn’t matter what shape they are in…they will work just great!

5.  Leashes and collars – Was it recently time to upgrade your pet’s collar and leash?  If so, don’t get rid of the old one!  It’s amazing how the addition of a simple collar can make a pet a more desirable candidate for adoption.

While you are at it, call the shelter of your choice and find out what else they may be in need of.  It could be as simple as throwing in a roll of paper towels or a few extra trash bags.  A little can help a lot!

If you are in the Monroe/West Monroe area I recommend donating to one of the following shelters:

River Cities Humane Society for Cats –

Humane Society Adoption Center – (318)387-9553

Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter –

Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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