Who Is The “Panache” Woman?



Who Is The “Panache” Woman?

Webster’s Dictionary defines panache as “dash of flamboyance in style and action: verve.”  My definition of the “panache woman”  is a woman who has a special ability to show her own personal style.  And, of course, she does it with a dash of flamboyance.

So, how do you become a woman with Panache?  My tips are below:

1.  Be confident!  It’s your best accessory.

2.  SIZE means nothing but FIT is everything when it comes to clothing.

3.  Never leave home without putting on at least one great accessory.

4.  Stay up-to-date on the fashion trends, but never follow them to the “T.”

5.  Never, ever shop without a plan!

6.  Reevaluate your closet every season.

7.  Don’t wait for what you believe is the perfect body…dress the one you have now.

8.  Never leave home without lip gloss and sunglasses!

9.  Understand that there are unlimited possibilities in your closet!

10.  SMILE!  It is infectious.

So, do you have panache?


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