Makeup Myths

Makeup Myths

Myth: You should test makeup shades on your inner wrist.
Truth:  If you do, you may be at risk of rocking a two-toned look. That spot is one of the lightest on your body, so you may end up with too strong of a contrast with the skin on your face, especially in the summer. Swipe colors on your jaw line instead.

Myth: It’s OK to remove eye makeup in the morning.
Truth:  You could lose those pretty little lashes. Mascara clogs your follicles, and the hairs could end up breaking or falling out as a result. 😦  Take it all off before you sleep, and try not to rub your lashes when you’re removing it.  Choose an oil-free, but moisturizing, formula.

Myth: You should throw out your makeup every three months.
Truth:  Except for mascara, which should be tossed about that often, you can usually hang on to blushes, lipsticks and the like, unless they smell funny or change consistency or color, for much longer. Check the product’s bottom for an expiration date if you’re unsure.

Myth: You should wash your makeup brushes every few months.
Truth:  EEK!  No way!  Wash your makeup brushes every week, at least!!

Myth:  Expensive beauty products are better than inexpensive ones.
Truth:  The absolute truth is that there are good and bad products in all price categories. It’s all about the formulation, not the price.

Have you proven or disproved a myth recently?  Please share.


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2 thoughts on “Makeup Myths

  1. What do you suggest washing make up brushes with? Just warm soapy water or something else??? Elizabeth Allmon


    1. Hey Elizabeth! I recommend washing your makeup brushes with a gently shampoo, like baby shampoo, or a cleanser specially formulated for makeup brushes. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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