Master the Top Dining Etiquette Mistakes

Master the Top Dining Etiquette Mistakes

1.  Bread should always be broken piece-by-piece, buttered, and then eaten.  Never butter the entire piece of bread and then take a bite from it.
2.  Anything that is dropped on the floor should remain there.  If it happens to be your utensil, simply notify the waiter and he should bring you a replacement.
3.  Salt and pepper should always be passed together.
4.  Never pick your teeth or blow your nose at the table.  (I know!  This doesn’t actually seem like one of the “top” etiquette mistakes, but it is!)
5.  A sweetener packet should be folded and placed under the edge of your saucer or bread plate.  Never crumple it up and toss it in the middle of the table, for instance.
6.  Remember to say “please” and “thank you” to your server.  It always amazes me when this simple mannerly rule is neglected.
7. If you discover a piece of bone, gristle, or a seed in your food, remove it the same way it went in. For instance, if you put a piece of fish in your mouth only to discover a tiny bone, gently place the bone on the fork with the tip of your tongue. Don’t spit it out in a grotesque way.
8. Never double dip
9. Never push your plate away from you when you are finished. The server will be able to tell when you have completed your meal.
10. Wait until everyone at your table has been served before beginning. If you happen to be seated with a large amount of people it’s ok to wait until those sitting directly beside you get their plate instead of waiting for the entire table.
11. Place your napkin in your lap almost immediately upon sitting and in your seat should you need to be excused for any reason.
12. Food is passed counter-clockwise.

So, did I refresh your memory? I hope so!

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