My Picks – Strangest Fashion Trends

While perusing my daily fashion blogs, magazines, ezines, etc., I inevitably run into some trends that make me go “Hmmm.”  Today I’ve composed a list of the more recent ones.  Let me know what you think.


My Picks for the Strangest Fashion Trends

1.  STRANGE Harper's Bazaar Thailand Editor in Chief Duang Poshyanonda takes the handsy approach to her street-style accessorizing. A “handy” clutch!  LOL!

2.  My Picks for Strangest Fashion - A playful cap to top the look off. Pearl tipped ears on a hat?  Eek.

3.   Shoes that look like bare feet?  What in the world?

What is this?  Ralph Rucci  What in the world is this for?  Is her pinkie finger broken or missing or something?

5.  One of my top picks for strange fashion trends  Is she about to head into the boxing ring?  I doubt it.


So, what do you think?  Is it just me or are these trends strange?  What is the strangest trend you’ve seen lately?


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One thought on “My Picks – Strangest Fashion Trends

  1. wow. those shoes remind me of the trend in runner’s gear of minimalist shoes with toesies–only this is the fashion version. HAHA!

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