My Top 5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet


My Top 5 Closet Organizing Tips

1.  Change your hangers!  You will not believe the immediate change that comes with the simple act of changing your hangers to all matching hangers.  It is so much more pleasing to the eye!  I prefer clear, plastic hangers, but wooden ones are great, too.  I am not fond of the “huggable” hangers because the felt fabric, that is typical with these type of hangers, causes the hangers to stick together sometimes.  However, they do save a bit of space (as they are advertised).

2.  Organize like with like and in color order.  In other words, hang all of your long-sleeved shirts together and organize them from lightest to darkest.

3.  Utilize all vertical space!  This is the number one issue in ALL of the closets I organize!  Vertical space is never used to its fullest capacity!  Use storage bins, shelf extenders, boxes, etc. to get the full use of your shelf space at the top of your closet.  The top shelf is the perfect place to store items that aren’t used all the time, such as out-of-season clothes and accessories.  But you can also store shoes, boots, purses, luggage, etc. on the top shelf.

4.  Make some sort of separation amongst the clothing.  I like to use a hanging sweater organizer to break up the monotony of one long rod full of clothing!  Put shirts on one side of the organizer and pants on the other, for instance.  I have used the hanging organizer for jeans, shoes, sweaters, scarves, and almost anything else that is foldable and will not wrinkle easily.  This is also a way to make use of vertical space!

5.  Keep as much as possible off of the floor.  Sometimes, it’s hard not to put something on the floor when you are working with a small space, but it is to your benefit if you can possibly figure it out.  The urge to pile items on the floor when nothing else is down there will be almost non-existent.  If you must use the floor, be sure to use some sort of organizing product, such as a shoe shelf or storage bins.  This will make finding an item much easier.

There they are!  My top 5 tips for organizing your closet.  I hope they inspire you to update your closet soon.

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