Fashion Rules I Love to Break!

In my opinion there are very few rules in fashion that shouldn’t be broken!  I’ll share those with you another time, because today I’m sharing the rules that you SHOULD totally break!

Fashion Rules I Love to Break!

Rule #1 – You can’t wear black and blue.

Why in the world not!  It looks great!

Rule #2 – You can’t mix patterns and prints.

In the pic below I successfully mixed snake print and giraffe!  Loved the way it turned out!  What prints would you mix?

Rule #3 – Don’t mix silver and gold.

I love the gold sequins with silver jewelry!  You would expect to wear gold…but I love the unexpected!

Rule #4 – Horizontal stripes are the devil.

My tip for wearing horizontal stripes, no matter what your size, is to choose a subtle color.

IMAG0125 (2)

What are your favorite fashion rules to break?  Which ones would you never break?




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