5 Organizing Tips for the Busy Woman (or Man)

5 Organizing Tips for the Busy Woman (or Man)

Do you ever wish for more time in the day?  Or at the very least, a less stressful day?  I know that I do, so I thought I would share 5 of my tips for organizing your busy household.

  1. Buy one pack of paper towels and toilet paper in a different color and place them in the back of the cabinet.  When you notice the new color on the holder, it’s time to purchase more!  I hate to run out of toilet paper!!  LOL!
  2. Figure out what you will wear the next day the NIGHT BEFORE!  This is my number one time saver!  I actually have made it a ritual and I enjoy choosing my outfits for the next day.  Sometimes I’ll even pick a Sunday and put together dozens of outfits so I can use that 15 minutes for something else…like reading a magazine!
  3. Place a boot tray by the door for your husband and children!  It will save you time and your house will not be cluttered with shoes!  I don’t know about you, but it bothers me for shoes to be tossed around in different spots!
  4. Organize future events with an accordion file.  Put birthday cards, invitations, bills, etc. in the appropriate compartment and you’ll never miss anything again!  So long late fees and “Happy Belated Birthday” cards!
  5. Always have backups!  Create a “For Emergency” kit and keep it in your car or in your purse.  I have extra keys in mine, plus deodorant, a small sewing kit, a fingernail file, scissors (I use these more than anything!), shout wipes, and a small flashlight.  I always add to it when I discover something else that would have come in handy, too.

Do you have any tips you can share for other busy women like us?


Thank you!



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