Determining Your Skin Tone

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Determining Your Skin Tone

Determining your skin’s undertone is an important part of discovering what colors you should wear and those you should stay away from. And don’t we all want to look our best?? I know that I do and getting a professional color analysis was one of the best things I did for myself. Now I’m certified to do them for others, so I thought I would share a few of my secrets on determining your skin tone.

You’re COOL if:

Silver jewelry looks better on you than gold.
The veins on the inside of your wrist appear blue.
You look better in a crisp white shirt than you do in a cream one.
You burn easily

You’re WARM if:

Gold jewelry looks best on your than silver.
The veins on the inside of your wrist appear greenish.
A cream shirt is more flattering than a bright white one.
You tend to tan easily.

Keep in mind, however, some of you will have a combination of cool and warm tones…in other words you are “neutral” and should thank your lucky stars! You can wear many more colors than most people.

You’re NEUTRAL if:

You don’t notice a distinct skin tone change when you wear gold or silver. They both look good.
The veins on the inside of your wrist are a mixture of green and blue.

So…which undertone do you have? My skin tone is warm.

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