Make Dressing Fun!

Make Dressing Fun!

Do you dread getting dressed every morning?  Do you just throw the same old thing on everyday?  If so, why??  What are you afraid of?  Have fun with fashion and show off your own personal style!  It just takes a little extra effort sometimes, but I’m about to give you some great tips on how to spice up any outfit easily and quickly!  Not only

1.  Layers add interest, so layer on up!  I always like to add some type of cardigan, jacket, or vest to all of my outfits.  They instantly add interest and style to all outfits.  For example, the blogger above has layered a jacket in a fun color into her outfit.  Now, try to picture this outfit without the jacket…not quite so fun is it?

2.  Switch it up!  Do you tend to wear skinny jeans everyday?  Wear a wide leg a few days instead!  Or, do you wear a lot of dresses?  Try pants or a skirt some.  We all get stuck in ruts, but it’s so easy to get out of them!  Just do it!  🙂  Get inspiration from outfit bloggers or magazines and catalogs.  Inspiration is everywhere!

3.  Add a little rock-n-roll!  Do you have a bunch of old rock-n-roll t-shirts that you only wear casually?  Why not spice up a plain old suit with them?  Or add a studded accessory to an otherwise feminine outfit.  Studded accessories, such as, purses, necklaces, and bracelets are extremely popular right now, so why not get in on the trend and add them to your wardrobe in your own way!

4.  Try punches of color!  The runways have been more awash in color than ever before.  The way to go this season is to wear a modern black and white outfit and then add a punch of color with an accessory to make the outfit more fun and interesting!  Try a color other than the typical red, though.  I prefer colors such as orange, turquoise, hot pink, and flourescent yellow!  How fun are those colors??

5.  It’s ok to sparkle during the day!  Don’t be afraid to wear that sequined shirt with your favorite cardigan, for instance!  Or pull out that rhinestone necklace for day!  Don’t save it for nighttime only.

Hopefully, these tips will add a bit more fun to your wardrobe and pull you out of any rut you are currently in.  Remember…style is all about thinking outside of the box a bit!  The unexpected is what makes an outfit stylish.



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