Organizing Challenge – Week Two – The Closet

Organizing Challenge – Week Two – The Closet

In honor of “Go Month” (Get Organized Month), I am doing a weekly organization challenge for you, my reader.  My goal is to inspire you to complete an organizing challenge each week for the month of January.  At the end of January, I will be doing a GIVEAWAY for a randomly selected person who actually participates in the challenge and then reports in my comment section about how it’s going.  Besides commenting and actually completing my challenges, please subscribe to my blog.  At the least, if you don’t win, you will have gained an organized home!

This week your challenge is your closet!  (Please go back to last week to see the first challenge).  There are three things you can do to completely transform your closet.

1.  Change your hangers to matching hangers.   The impact of having all matching hangers is immense!  That one task alone will make all the difference in your closet.  I recommend one of the three following style of hangers:  1.  Clear plastic – I usually use these for my organizing clients because they are the best quality for the price.  2.  Wooden – Some clients just simply like the look of wooden hangers, however, they are quite a bit more expensive than the clear plastic ones and may even take up a bit more room than the clear plastic ones, too.  3.  Flocked – I have a love/hate relationship with flocked hangers.  I love how thin they are, thus allowing more clothing to fit inside a closet, but I hate the way they stick to the other hangers sometimes, and they tend to break fairly easily.  All in all, choose your desired hanger and get to changing!

2.  Return items in a workable order!  Of course, during the hanger-change process, you will have to remove each item.  Before returning an item back to its original spot, decide if it SHOULD be placed back into your closet.  Do you love it?  Does it fit?  Does it need repairs?  If you answered no to any of those questions, do not return it.  As you return your keepers to your closet, begin organizing them by color and like with like (short-sleeved shirts together, sleeveless together, pants together, etc.)  In the end, you will know EXACTLY where everything is without having to think about it and/or search!  How great does that sound?

3.  Insert a hanging organizer of some sort.   A hanging organizer serves two purposes:  1.  It can save space by utilizing vertical space 2.  It serves as a separation for certain types of clothing.  For instance, I like to use hanging organizers for jeans, shoes, sweaters, purses, etc.  Basically, anything that won’t wrinkle easily and would normally take up valuable closet space.

These simple three tasks will make the WORLD of difference in any closet!  I hope you complete this challenge and love it!!

Please let me know how it goes!!




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