How Will YOU Wear THE Color of 2013?

THE Color of 2013

If you haven’t heard by now, the color of 2013 is emerald green!  Although emerald green isn’t necessarily the best color for my skin tone (this color has a cool undertone so it looks best on those who have blue and/or pink undertones in their skin), there are ways that I will definitely be incorporating it into my wardrobe anyway.  Below are my favorite ways to incorporate any color into your wardrobe with ease.

1.  Accessorize!!  Take a cue from Angelina, and rock an emerald green earring with your LBD, for instance!  Don’t like statement-making earrings?  Try a necklace,bracelet, or ring instead.  Just remember that one statement making piece is all you need. 

2.  Carry it!  I will definitely be incorporating an emerald green purse/bag into my wardrobe this year!  I love the way it adds a jolt of color! 


3.  Get a leg up!  The best way to wear any color that isn’t your best color is to wear it on your bottom half!  Color matters closest to the face. 

4.  Nail it!  Your nails can instantly become an accessory, too! 

So, how will you incorporate emerald green into your wardrobe for 2013?  Is it your color??

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