Organize Your Bedroom

Organize Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven that is inviting and relaxing.  Is yours?  If not, take the time before the holidays to begin to restore order to your life and your bedroom.

1.  Start with your closet!  That’s the most important spot, isn’t it?  I know that I dream of having a large walk-in closet that sings like a choir when I walk in to it, but for the time being I am stuck with a mediocre one.  🙂  However, I have maximized the space and actually enjoy choosing my outfits now.  If you only have time to do ONE thing that makes the biggest impact, I suggest changing all of your hangers to matching hangers.  Not only does it save room, it is so much more pleasing to the eye.  And while you are switching the hangers, you might as well put each item back in color order!!

2.  Don’t neglect your nightstand.  Display items that look good and make sense, such as an alarm clock, reading glasses, book, hand lotion, etc.  Store everything else in a drawer hidden from view.  Just make sure not to overcrowd the surface of your nightstand.  You might also like a pretty scented candle and a picture of your significant other, too.

3.  Don’t over-stuff your under-the-bed space.  I am definitely a believer in feng shui (the balance of energy) and the rules of feng shui suggest that any clutter under the bed will disrupt the vital energy that is needed to get a good night’s rest.  If at all possible, keep the area clear, but if you are truly limited in space, use one or two large, flat storage boxes to store out-of-season items.  Never just throw individual items under the bed.  Not only will they get lost and even more cluttered, but they will also get dingy and dirty.

4.  Don’t forget about your drawers!  Utilize drawer dividers and other organizing products to maximize your space and make items, such as, panties, bras, and t-shirts easier to find.

Above all, the end result should be an atmosphere that begs to be enjoyed instead of dreaded, so make sure to envision the bedroom of your dreams and then dive right in to making it happen!

Let me know if you need any help!


Erin – My daily outfit blog.


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