Faux Fur Loves

I have been loving faux fur for the last several winter seasons, so I thought I would share some of the items I would love to purchase during my next shopping extravaganza.  Of course, there is nothing better than knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of ANY of these pieces.  🙂

Faux Fur Love

  Express Wine Faux Fur Vest!  I don’t have anything in my wardrobe this color, other than lipstick, and I think this vest will go with so many things!  Right now I am picturing it paired with my sheer black and white polka-dot top and skinny jeans.  What would you wear this with?

Image 1 of ASOS Fluted Back Coat With Faux Fur Collar Asos Red Fur-Trimmed Jacket.  Although, there isn’t much need for a heavy jacket in Louisiana, there are a few wintery-cold days.  When I feel the need to purchase a new coat…this will be it!

 Victoria’s Secret Reversible Faux Fur Vest.  If I ever decide to go snow skiing again, I will definitely purchase the faux-fur lined best!  Love it!!  Can you imagine how cozy and warm it would be?

  Ellen Tracy Cinched-Waist Vest.  I love that this vest will give the wearer shape and not just hang!  This vest will look great on every body type!!

 Acqua Color-Block Vest!  This is by far my fave and I think I may be going right now to bloomingdales.com to purchase it!  The color-block aspect is different from any other faux fur piece I’ve seen lately!  This vest is only around $80, too!

The Pros of Choosing Faux Fur

It’s less expensive than real.

No animals are harmed.

It keeps you just as warm as the real deal.

I don’t see any reason to purchase the real deal…do you?




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