Holiday Etiquette

Thanksgiving Etiquette

When a large group of people get together, even if they are all family and friends, conflict can erupt.  Following proper manners and protocol can help keep the peace so everyone can enjoy their Holiday, as well as, each other.  Isn’t that what we all wish for this Holiday season?

So, here are a few quick and easy etiquette tips to follow tomorrow and for the remainder of the holiday season.

1.  Steer clear of loaded conversations  – aka religion and politics!

2.  Keep the cell phone away from the dinner table.  This is a time to pay attention and enjoy your family.  Don’t worry about what the latest post on Facebook or Twitter may be.  It can wait.

3.  Compliment the cook or cooks.  Always give compliments about the food, decor, fun, etc.  Find something to be thankful for.

4.  Never leave a mess for your host.  Take your plate to the trash or sink, don’t just leave it on the table.  Also, make sure you throw away your napkin and wipe up any crumbs you may have left.  If you see that someone else hasn’t followed this little etiquette rule, help the host out by taking their plate to the trash or sink, as well.

5.  Never leave without saying “bye”!  It dumbfounds me when people think they are “politely bowing out.”  There is nothing polite about leaving without speaking to your host first.

6.  Control your children.  Never let your children run amok in someone else’s home.  Make sure you bring something that will help keep your child occupied.

7.  Always arrive on time and in style – dress appropriately.

8.  Practice table manners!  Don’t talk with your mouth full.  Don’t blow your nose at the table.  Don’t smack.  Etc.

Did I leave anything out?  🙂

Have a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!



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