My Favorite Organizing Products from Creative Memories

My Favorite Organizing Products from Creative Memories

One of the many questions I am asked on a regular basis is in regards to preserving/organizing pictures.  We always seem to end up with so many, whether in printed versions or digitally, that it can become overwhelming.  If you want to enjoy your pictures and memories instead of neglecting them I recommend Creative Memories!  I have worked with a local Creative Memories representative for several years on my own personal projects, but also with my organizing clients projects, as well.

This weekend I was able to stop by a Creative Memories open house to see what is new, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

This 2013 desk calendar can be digitally customized with pictures and wording of your choice. I suggest yearly desk calendars for my clients because they are easy to refer to at a moment’s notice.  Use your calendar as inspiration!  Decorate it with pictures, quotes, or anything that inspires and uplifts you.

How are you storing your pictures now? A photo box, like the one above, is the best place! Not only will it preserve your photos, it also keeps them organized and easy to find. Not to mention, these boxes look great stacked together on a shelf!

Everyone needs a dry erase board! Not only can it function as a menu planner (as the one above does), there are SO many other ways to utilize this particular one, because it can be customized especially for you and your lifestyle! Need something to help you keep up with when bills need to be paid? Create it. Do you prefer a dry erase calendar? Create it! Do you need something to write little notes or specials on for your place of business? Create it! The options are endless!

Sometimes a bride wants something more decorative and beautiful than the typical photo album that comes from a photographer.  With Creative Memories, she can create her own using printed pictures or, even better, the digital pictures!  I want to create a scrapbook from my wedding one day, too.  I’ll be putting that on my to-do list!

Is there anything from this post that will be going on YOUR to-do list?  🙂

If you don’t have a Creative Memories consultant in your area, feel free to use mine! Please tell her I sent you!

Thanks for stopping by!



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