Eye Makeup Trends for Fall/Winter

I don’t know about you, but I am all about developing my beauty acumen, so I try to keep up with as many tips, tricks, and trends that I possibly can.  I would say that I am more of a beauty enthusiast than a beauty expert because it is still a learning process, but isn’t everything?  🙂  I just feel more comfortable calling myself a fashion/image/organization expert than anything.

Anyway, today I wanted to share a few of the eye makeup trends that I have noticed on the Fall/Winter runways.  Hope you enjoy!!

  Christian Dior showed his models with a gorgeous golden glow!  I love this eye makeup, however, I would definitely pair it with an oxblood lip for nighttime!

  Jason Wu sent his models down the runway with evergreen eyes!  I am in love with this look and am currently looking for the perfect outfit to wear this look with.  I am definitely green with envy!

  This purple sheen from the Salvatore Ferragamo runway is my favorite, I think!  This is so ethereal and beautiful that anyone can pull it off!  It is so different from what I would normally wear, so I will definitely try it.

I have seen this bright blue trend on several runways, but this particular one is from Anna Sui.  Although I wouldn’t wear this myself, I love it for the runway.

Which makeup trend is your favorite?



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