The Biggest Things Brides Forget

The Biggest Things Brides Forget

I thought I’d stray a bit from my normal beauty and fashion posts to give the newly engaged women out there a few tips from my wedding coordinating book of “Things To Remember!”  🙂  The five things listed below are the most common things that I’ve found most bride’s don’t think about when they are busy planning their big day.  I hope to save you from that.

1.  The Wedding Night!!  I know, I know!  How could you forget about the wedding night??  But it happens ALL the time!  Go ahead and plan and discuss where you will be staying the night of your actual wedding day.  These days most couples leave the day after the wedding or the Monday after the wedding for their honeymoon.  So where will you stay the evening of the actual wedding?  I always suggest that new couples book a private room somewhere to get the feeling that they are already beginning the honeymoon.  It’s more fun that way!!  Some couples, however, prefer to sleep in their own beds and that’s ok, too.  Just take the time to discuss it with your significant other so it doesn’t sneak up on you!

2.  The Overnight Bag!  Now that you know where you will be staying the evening of the wedding, don’t forget your overnight bag!!  I can’t believe how many times I’ve run into a bride who didn’t remember to pack an overnight bag!  Or she will remember the day before the wedding and then get all panicky!  Pack your overnight bag the weekend before the wedding to avoid any stress that waiting until the last minute may cause.

3.  The Gifts!  Some guests will bring gifts to the wedding.  Do you have a spot for them?  Who will collect them and take them from the venue when the reception is over?  You, as the couple, obviously will be running off in your private car to enjoy your wedding night!!  I suggest putting one person in charge of collecting the gifts and keeping them safe until you return from your honeymoon.

4.  The Cake!!  Who is going to cut the cake?  I love the look on a bride’s face when I ask this question.  It’s usually one of “OMG!  I didn’t think of that!”  Sometimes, the caterer will do this task, but often times a cake baker will simply drop the cake off and it’s up to you to make sure it is cut and served to your guests.  If you have a wedding planner, this should be their job unless you have someone that you want to give a special job to.  Believe me, though, you want to get someone who is familiar with cutting cakes as it is NOT the easiest thing to do!  I know from MANY years of experience.

5.  The Legalities!  Never wait until the last minute to get your legal documents!  You never know what may arise and each state has different rules about what is required to obtain a marriage license.  For instance, in Louisiana, you do not need a blood test but you must obtain a marriage license no sooner than 30 days before the wedding and no later than 72 hours before the wedding.  Call your local courthouse to find out the rules and regulations that your state has.  Also, don’t forget to plan WHEN you will sign the marriage license.  Will it be part of the ceremony?  Will you do it before the ceremony?  After the ceremony?  Some officiants don’t stick around for the reception, so it must be done before you leave the church.

So, how many new brides have I inspired today?  🙂  Hopefully these few tips will take a little of the wedding planning stress off of you.



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