Keep Your Purses Looking New!

Keep Your Purse Looking New!

Yesterday I gave you a few tips on how to organize/care for your boots and today I thought I would give you a few tips on how to properly care for your purses.  I must admit that I LOVE shoes and purses, but have yet to be swayed into making a purse purchase that costs over $150.  (Except for the one and only Louis Vuitton that I purchased!  I promised myself that I would never do that again.  The price just wasn’t worth it, in my opinion.)  Anyway, just because my purses are inexpensive, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be well taken care of.  Below are a few of my handbag care tips:

1.  Change your purses often.  If not daily, then switch purses at least weekly.  I like to switch my purse every week.  I used to switch daily to match the outfit I was wearing but that became too frequent for me, so now I tend to choose purses that will go with a lot of the pieces in my wardrobe.  Changing your purse daily or weekly prevents the bag from becoming overused and dirty.

2.  If the leather is real, apply a polish and protectant.  If real leather dries out, it tends to crack and could possibly tear.  The more moisturized it is the longer it will last.  I recommend polishing every few months unless you use the purse all the time, then monthly or even weekly is recommended.  Just keep an eye out for clues that your purse is drying out.  If your leather is not real (which I prefer), use a makeup remover cloth or warm moistened towel to wipe the purse down between each use.

3.  Don’t store an empty purse.  When you are finished with a purse for a season, or any length of time really, it is a good idea to store it stuffed with an acid-free tissue paper so that it will retain its shape.

4.  Never put harmful objects inside your purse.  For instance, anything sharp that is left uncovered can puncture or tear the inside of your purse.  Also steer clear of anything that may spill or explode.  Keep these items in their own personal bag inside your purse.

Following these simple rules will make sure that your purse lasts as long as possible!

Do you have any tips that I’ve missed?  Please feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Thanks for reading!



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