My Favorite Ways to Organize Boots

It is finally that time of year…boot season!  I love all kinds of boots, especially knee-high because they can add a bit more length to the legs when worn correctly.  Knowing how to wear boots that enhance your look properly, is second most important to knowing how to properly care for/organize your boots.  So, that’s what today’s post is about!

When you give your favorite boots the proper care, you will be sure to keep them in their original pristine condition.  Below are my favorite ways to organize/care for boots.

It is imperative that you stuff your boots so they maintain their shape.  If you would rather not spend the money on boot shapers like the ones pictured above, you can use magazines, empty water bottles, acid-free tissue paper, or anything else that you can imagine.  I’ve used all of the aforementioned items plus, cups, plastic bags, wrapping paper…I could go on and on!

These “boot stand sticks” are super cool and keep your boots together, too!  Although, I like to turn the boots in different directions to help save more room.

  If you are low on closet space, consider purchasing boot boxes that will store nicely under your bed.  Or they also stack nicely on a shelf!  Always consider the use of your vertical space.

  On the other hand, if you are not low on closet space and have room to hang your boots, these boot shaper hangers are awesome!!  I love the idea of keeping your boots off the floor, too.

Hope this helps get your boots organized for the fall and winter!!  If you have any other tips on how you organize your boots, please post it below in the comments!!



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