Camo a Trend?

Is camo really becoming a trend?  I am beginning to see it everywhere, including in stores and on daily outfit blogs!  I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I actually think it’s cute.  ACK!  Gag me now!!

For instance, here are a few of the camo trends that I MAY consider wearing.

Although, it’s a bit ironic to wear blood-red with a print that camouflages a hunter, it looks good and lends a bit more femininity to this “manly” trend.

This outfit looks super comfy, yet still stylish!  I would totally suggest that she add a bit of sparkle to this outfit somewhere, though.

I barely even noticed that these were camo pants!  I was immediately drawn to the feminine quality of the shoes and the top.

This jacket is even cute!  Gasp!  Something is really wrong with me.  LOL!

What do YOU think?  Are you finding that you are attracted to the camo trend, too, or have I clearly been sniffing glue?




7 thoughts on “Camo a Trend?

  1. You might as well like it and wear it and love it since your husband is such an avid hunter. I’m sure you like the jacket since its Chanel! I do a little bit of hunting and no way would I wear camo pants unless for hunting or Halloween! Lol!!!

  2. Hahaha!!! Well, as I said…figured people would like the jacket ONLY b/c it’s a high end brand…that tends to be the case with anything. People would wear a jacket or any article of clothing really, made out of cigarette butts as long as it’s some designer thing…. Glad I’m not into expensive designer stuff….it’s really no different or necessarily so much better than lower brands. Just my thoughts. I like to spend my money on more worthwhile things!

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