Get Organized for Fall

Getting Organized for Fall

One of my favorite times of the year is Fall!  I love the cooler temps (I prefer a high of 70 with a low of 50 or so), the fun decorations, and the fall-inspired foods and scents!  Fall is also a perfect time to get organized, as well.  Below is my list of things to do to be ready for the upcoming fall and winter.

1.  Prepare for your fall/winter trip!  Although my family and I don’t go skiing EVERY year as we used to do, a lot of families still continue to carry on the tradition, so this is the perfect time to get out that ski paraphernalia!  Check to make sure everything still fits properly and then give everything a good cleaning!  Some ski clothing should be dry cleaned, but a good bit of it can be washed or hand-washed.  If you really want to get ahead of the game, after you wash everything go ahead and pack it!  Be sure to make a checklist of what is inside the suitcase and tape it to the front, so when it is time to add the final pieces for your trip you’ll know exactly what has yet to be packed.

2.  Start your Christmas lists and start shopping!  It is never too early to begin shopping for Christmas presents!  I like to get completely done with my shopping way before the week of Christmas.  Nothing is more stressful than last-minute shopping, in my opinion!

3.  Get out your fall/winter decor!  The moment the cool weather hits, I am already pulling out/buying my fall candles and decorations.  I have a special closet that I keep most of these items in, but I also keep some of the larger items in a storage building out back.  I like to switch my spring/summer items to the storage building and bring my fall/winter items to the closet for convenience.  If you have a similar situation you may want to consider doing the same.

4.  Prepare your holiday menus.  If I cooked, I would already be preparing my menu for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.  🙂  I can only imagine how horrible that is!  LOL!

5.  Switch out your closet!  You didn’t think I’d leave that out did you?  I know many of you probably keep your fall/winter clothing in a separate closet from your spring/summer clothing, so this is the perfect time to begin the switch!  I suggest taking any clothing that is PURELY summer out and replacing it with your winter clothing.  For instance, anything linen, pure white, or crocheted shouldn’t carry over into your fall/winter wardrobe.  Remember that you can layer your sleeveless tops and tunics, though, so don’t remove those!  Also, don’t forget your drawers.  Maybe you could remove your swimsuits and replace them with sweaters or heavier socks instead.

Now, hopefully that will help you to get your fall started off right!  What is your favorite part of fall?



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