Dressing Your Age Doesn’t Mean Looking Old!

Dressing Your Age Doesn’t Mean You Have to Look Old!!

Forget all of those “rules” that you can’t wear this or that after a certain age!!  Let me help you know what will look great on you no matter what your age is!!

Follow these rules to look younger:

1.  Choose flat front pants/jeans with a little stretch.  They will give you a slender line and fit your curves without adding bulk.  Pick a fun color of the moment to really look great!!

2.  If you prefer skirts, choose one that is above-the-knee, patterned, and a-line.  The a-line silhouette looks great on all figures!  When I say above-the-knee I don’t mean a miniskirt, though.  So make sure never to go shorter than 3″ above the knee.  Always pair a-line skirts with a tailored top.

3.  If you can’t stand to wear a true heel, choose a cute wedge instead!  A little bit of height looks great on everyone!  I suggest a heel height of at least 2″.  Also, stay away from boots and shoes that have a large chunky heel.  They are often too overbearing.

4.  Choose tops in colors that work with your skin tone.  Every woman needs to know what her best and worst colors are, so if you are unsure you may want to consider getting a color analysis.  Wearing the wrong color can easily add 10 years to your face!!

5.  Go for a dark wash, boot cut jean!  Anything faded looks oddly “mom-jean-like.”

Follow these rules to look older (lol!):

1.  A boxy, man-like shirt that you have tucked in to your pleated khaki pants will make you look like you haven’t changed your style since the 80’s.

2.  Not adding a little color to your wardrobe can make you appear dowdy and boring.  Choose colors that are upbeat and work with your skin tone!

3.  Trying too hard to be sexy will only make you appear desperate, as well as, older than you actually are.  Steer clear of anything too short or too low cut.

4.  A long shapeless skirt appears matronly, especially paired with a boxy cardigan or jacket.

5.  The “Mom Jean” is defined as the following – light-colored, high-waisted, tapered leg jean.

So…do which rules will you be following?  Hopefully, it will be the first set of rules!






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