Fashion Rules You Should Totally Break

Fashion Rules You Should Totally Break!

1.  Only Wearing/Using a Clutch in the Evening – Clutches are perfect for the daytime, too!  In fact, they can add just the right amount of interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

2.  Sequins Should Only Be Worn in The Evening, too!  Not true!!  Go back and take a look at some of the ways I incorporate sequins into my daytime outfits!

3.  No White after Labor Day!   Ok, let me clarify…no PURE WHITE after Labor Day but any OTHER shade of white is just fine!  Think winter white or diamond white.  These colors can look so classy during the cooler months.

4.  Black and Blue Don’t Mix!  Oh fiddlesticks!  YES they do!!!  In fact, they look quite nice together!

5. All Summer Clothes are Meant for Summer only!  Again…fiddlesticks!  LOL!  How in the world can you maximize your wardrobe if you don’t mix and match your seasons??  For instance, take that black sleeveless maxi dress that I know you have and wear it with a jacket for fall!

I sure hope you’ll be breaking ALL of these rules!!



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