The Panache Clutter Quiz

The Panache Clutter Quiz

How cluttered are you?  You may not be as bad as you think you are or you may be worse.  Gasp!  Take my quiz below to see where you stand on the Panache  Clutter Scale.  🙂

1.  If someone wanted to come over for a visit, how long would it take you to clean up?
a. I wouldn’t have to do anything (0 points)
b. One hour (2 points)
c. A whole day (4 points)
d. I would ask them not to come (10 points)

2. How much floor space in your home is covered?
a. None!(0 points)
b. I’d say 25% (2 points)
c. Maybe 50% (4 points)
d. What floor? (10 points)

3. If you needed a particular paper document, how long would it take you to find it?
a. 30 seconds or less (0 points)
b. Maybe 15 minutes (2 points)
c. An hour or so (4 points)
d. All day. 😦 (10 points)

4. How many of your appliances are functioning properly?
a. All of them (0 points)
b. One is not working, but I already sent it for repair (2 points)
c. Two or more (5 points)
d. Most of my appliances have stopped working (10 points)

5. How often do you come home with an impulse buy?
a. Almost never (0 points)
b. Once a month (2 points)
c. Once a week (5 points)
d. More than once a week (10 points)

6. How difficult is it for you to let go of things?
a. I have no problem! I’m a tosser! (0 points)
b. I hesitate a little, but eventually let it go (2 points)
c. I struggle with letting some things go (5 points)
d. I’ve never tossed anything (10 points)

7. What is on your dining room table right now?
a. Just some decoration! (0 points)
b. The mail that I just brought in (2 points)
c. A few weeks of mail and some unfiled papers (5 points)
d. I really don’t know (10 points)

If your points add up to be more than 20, you may wnat to consider hiring a professional to help you get organized. 🙂

I’d love for some of you to share your answers!! Or your points!


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