4 Fall Trends You Need Now!

4 Fall Trends You Need Now!

I must admit that I love summer more than fall, mostly because of the weather, but fall sure does come with great clothing!  It is much easier to layer and mix and match during the cooler months than during the hot and humid summer, in my opinion!  So, with that in mind, I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for the latest and greatest in fall fashion and below are the items that I will definitely be adding to my wardrobe!

 Coated Jeans!


   Winter White!

I think this shade of white works with everyone’s skin tone because of it’s softness and I typically lean more towards black than any shade of white, so it’s time for a change!  You’ll definitely see me sporting the winter white trend this fall.  Preferably in a cool jacket or coat of some sort!


I don’t have ANYTHING in my closet that is burgundy.  I have some reds, but no burgundy!  Along with the winter white, I think burgundy is a much softer and more wearable color than pure red, so I think there will be many who will look great in this trend.


Peplum is extremely an extremely feminine detail (and what woman doesn’t want to appear feminine?) that creates curves and draws attention to the smallest part of ALL of our bodies…the natural waist line!  I have one or two peplum tops, but I am really wanting a peplum leather-like jacket for fall!

Which of these fall trends is your favorite?




4 thoughts on “4 Fall Trends You Need Now!

  1. Well you know I am not a fan of southern summers. In fact, fall is my absolute favorite season for so many reasons from clothing to baked goods, from the gorgeous warm colors to the cooler temperatures and definitely the fabulous scents associated with autumn. I have always been a fan of both winter whites and burgundy (I’ve owned 3 vehicles that were burgundy, including my current car, my camaro)! As for the coated pants, I’ll wait and see. I’m just now getting into the colored jeans so I’m not gonna move on to these others just yet. And I’ve always loved the flirty and feminine look of peplum!
    Thanks for sharing the fun post!

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