Bathing Your Pets

Tips for Bathing Your Pet

I am talking about ALL pets!  Even cats and other small pets!  Believe me…they need baths, too!

1.  Remember to be gentle and to speak in a reassuring tone.

2.  Use lukewarm water.  Make sure to test the water before placing your pet inside.  Water that is too hot or too cold can be overwhelming and shock your pet.

3.  Start at the neck.  Wet and lather the neck of your pet first.  It will trap any bugs that may be trying to flee.

4.  Shampoo and rub gently.  Use a massaging motion so it is more likely to feel good to your pet.

5.  Rinse and repeat.

6.  Rinse thoroughly so your pet will not be left with soap that could cause itchiness and dry skin.

7.  Towel dry.  Most pets will be frightened of a blow dryer so towel drying is best.

8.  Make bath time a monthly, if not weekly, occurrence so your pet will get used to it.

I can only imagine that getting a bath has to feel good to your pet.  Could you imagine being stinky and dirty all the time?  It sounds miserable.



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