Ask Erin

Ask Erin

Old Photos!!!  I have tons!  Most of them are in photo albums that I never look at.  I know there are services that will take your photos and put them on a disc.  What do you recommend for cleaning out old photos?

Organizing photos is one of the most daunting tasks, in my opinion, because my clients, as well as, myself,  always have SO many pictures.  It can certainly get overwhelming, so I recommend starting slow.  Go through one book/bag/spot of pictures at a time and when you feel your eyes cross or your patience grow thin…move on for another day.  🙂 

Below are a few steps that I recommend while organizing your photos:

1.  As you are sorting, get rid of any duplicates, any pictures of people you do not recognize (and no one else recognizes), any pictures that are torn or otherwise in disrepair, and any pictures that you just don’t want or like anymore.

2.  Sort pictures into different groups.  You can choose to sort by person, by year, by occasion, etc. 

3.  As you sort, write names and dates on the back of each photo.  *NOTE:  Be sure to use a photo safe pen and don’t press too hard!

After sorting and labelling all, or most, of your pictures, I recommend storing them in shoe-box sized picture boxes.  They are easily attainable from your local Target or other similar store.  These boxes come with labels so you can keep each sorted stack separate.  I also like these type of boxes because they are easy to stack in an out-of-the-way spot and yet easily accessible when you want to show off those pictures from you recent trip, for example. 

I also recommend that you choose some photos to create a scrapbook or two out of.  Scrapbooks are a great way to record memories and they are beautiful and much more interesting to look at!  Scrapbooking can also turn into a family project.  For example, a wedding is a great event to scrapbook, a birth, a parent after his or her death (God forbid), or a monumental trip!  Remember that scrapbooks make great coffee table decorations, as well as, conversation starters! 

Above all, enjoy the process of going through your photos.  They hold loads of memories and you will have a few laughs and maybe a few cries during the organizing process, but it will all be worth it in the end. 

If you have a question for me, please feel free to email me at or comment below.  Thank you!



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