Sunglasses – Not Just a Fashion Statement!

Sunglasses – Not Just a Fashion Statement!

Sunglasses are fun and stylish, but they are much more than that!  They are actually protection for your eyes and the skin around your eyes!  Next time you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunnies, follow these tips:

1.  Check the UV sticker!  It must say it provides 99% to 100% protection from UV rays for them to be effective.

2.  Go big!  The larger the sunnies, the better they will be at keeping the sun out of your eyes, as well as, away from the skin of your eyes!  And we all know what the sun can do to our skin!

3.  Expensive doesn’t always mean better!  I don’t know about you, but I gave up buying expensive sunglasses after I lost the second pair!  Nothing is more aggravating!!  Ugh!  But  anyway, it turns out that even a cheap pair of sunglasses can provide that 99% to 100% protection from the UV rays!

What is your favorite shape of sunnies to wear? I love big ones with sparkles!!!  🙂


I don’t think any sun will be getting in there!!!

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