Take Care of Your Eyes

Take Care of Your Eyes

Your hands and the skin around your eyes are the first places that will tell your age if you don’t take care of them!  I was lucky enough to have been taught at a very young age to take care of my skin and I would love to give you all a few tips on how I do that!  🙂

1.  Eye Cream – If you don’t already use an eye cream, this is the best place to start!!  Eye creams are very, very important for keeping the skin around your eyes soft and supple, so never skip this critical step in your beauty routine.  Look for one with retinol and/or peptides because they will kick-start your collagen production.  A vitamin-rich cream is also a good idea because they counteract sun damage and fight free-radicals.

I don’t typically like to change eye creams once I find one I really like because I am prone to puffiness and I don’t like to have even ONE day of puffy!  LOL!  I use Avon Clinical Eye Lift.

2.  Never Pull and Tug!  The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and can be stretched and pulled so much that it won’t bounce back like it should.  When applying your eye cream and concealer, dab, don’t tug or rub!  I use my ring finger to apply eye cream because it is the weakest finger.

3.  SPF!  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your eye area, too!  Use one that is formulated for your face or specifically for the eye area.  I just use Neutrogena SPF for the face and it works just fine.  Make sure it’s at least an SPF of 30 and dab! Don’t rub or tug!  🙂

Now, you’ll stay beautiful much, much longer!  I love that!



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