Ask Erin

Ask Erin

I’m in the process of cleaning out my closet and trying to rework my wardrobe.  I want fewer clothes that I really love, that go well and easily together.  When I go in my closet, I feel like I have tons of clothes, and nothing to wear.  Other than your “get rid of it if you haven’t worn it in two years rule,” what other tips do you have for cleaning out one’s closet and putting together a wardrobe?

This is a super question!  🙂

Ok, after you have gone through your closet and weeded out everything that you haven’t worn in two years I suggest you take another swipe through your closet for items that you know you don’t like any more, that are torn/ripped/ or in other disrepair, and items that you don’t wear because they are wrinkled, etc. 

Put those four sets of items into different piles.  Take a look at the “haven’t worn in two years pile” and the “things I don’t like anymore pile.”  What is the common theme?  Take note of this theme so when you are shopping next time you will be able to stay away from those items that don’t work for you. 

Those items in the pile that are wrinkled should be pressed and placed back in the closet in ready-to-wear condition.  And those items that are in disrepair should be fixed or thrown out. 

Now, all that you should have in your closet are items that you love and wear consistently.  Make sure they are organized appropriately – like with like and in color order.  This will make each item easier to see and you will be able to find an item at a moment’s notice.  Another tip is to NEVER hang sets/outfits together.  Hanging your outfits or sets together will limit your realm of thinking and make it much easier for you to wear the same outfit over and over. 

After your closet is organized properly you will be able to see what you need to add to your wardrobe.  For instance, is your wardrobe primarily black?  (Don’t worry!  We are women and we naturally gravitate to that color for it’s slimming effects!)  Or are you the opposite and have lots of color but need the key neutral pieces to tie it all together?  Take inventory and really dissect your closet so you’ll know what you need to add!  🙂  Then you can shop!  My favorite part. 

I also suggest that you make a “lookbook” or “inspiration board” of outfits that you like and have found in magazines, online, etc.  Keep them in a binder or on a cork board in your closet and then refer to them when you are putting an outfit together.  Gain inspiration from others!

You should also try putting outfits together ahead of time for the week ahead.  I take time on Sundays to create and try on outfits for the entire week!  I am never late anymore!  Well…maybe sometimes!  LOL!

Yay!  I really hope this helps you!  If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email me again!!

If anyone else has a question for me, please feel free to email or leave it in the comments below.







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