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What kind of hangers do you like best?  I have a friend who invested (and it was a big investment!) in those new hangers that don’t allow anything to slip off…and she hates them.  I have a combination of the clear plastic hangers and the cheap white tube hangers.

  THESE are my favorite hangers!  Clear plastic!  They look great in any closet, work with men’s and women’s clothing, aren’t too expensive, keep things from falling off (due to the notches), and are heavy-duty! 

I have some clients who like the new non-slip hangers, but they seem to be a bit flimsy, in my opinion.  Plus they stick to each other so if you have a packed closet, it’s hard to get them out of the closet.  They do take up a little less room than the hanger above, but I still prefer the clear plastic hangers. 

I do not recommend the plastic tube hangers or wire hangers!  They are very rough on your clothing and do not look good, in my opinion! 

GREAT QUESTION!  Thank you so much!

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2 thoughts on “Ask Erin

  1. Wire hangers are my absolute pet peeve! Every once in a while, I’ll find that one has somehow worked its way into my closet, and I immediately banish it. I like the all-white, plastic ones myself 🙂

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