My Favorite Fashion/Beauty Tips

Below are a few of my favorite fashion tips!  Hope you enjoy.  🙂

1.  Wear sparkly earrings!  They instantly brighten your face.

 2 .  Take care of your hair!  Get a cut/root touch-up at least every six weeks.  And if you haven’t changed your hair style in over 5 years, you may want to try a little something different.

 3.  Adding a touch of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes adds luminosity and vibrance to your skin tone.

 4.  Take care of your nails!  Nothing says style and cleanliness like a great manicure.

 5.  Never leave home without your lip gloss.  That little bit of shine and shimmer calls attention to your mouth.

 6.  The LBD doesn’t necessarily have to be black!  It can be blue!!!

 7.  Wear matching sexy underwear!  It will be your little secret, but it will make you feel sexy all day long.  And better yet…make sure your bra fits correctly!!

 8.  Take care of your hands or they will tell your age.

 9.  A tailor is your friend!  Not everything fits perfectly right off the rack!!

 10.  Go through your closet and weed out items you don’t wear often!!!  You don’t want that much needed space to be wasted do you?

What is your favorite fashion and/or beauty tip?





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