Mini Drugstore and Stein Mart Haul

Yesterday I decided to go shopping in Shreveport, LA with my Mom, instead of attending the yearly July 4th get-together at my in-laws.  I think that’s ok given the fact that I have been for the past 10 years!  🙂

We went to my favorite drugstore in the are, Drug Emporium, and Stein Mart.  I rarely go to Stein Mart, so I decided to check it out for a change.  Here is what I found:

Yay!! I saw and then FELT this “pillow chair” and had to have it!!  It’s perfect for my bedtime reading.  I used it last night and even fell asleep on it!

I bought a set of microfiber sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a while back and I loved them!  They are so much more comfortable than regular cotton sheets, in my opinion, so when I ran across these at Stein Mart for $19.99 I had to have them!!

Now on to my drugstore finds!

I’ve been trying to find a sponge, loofah, SOMETHING that will exfoliate my skin without being too abrasive, but still feel like it’s doing something, so I decided to try these little pink sponges.  I first used one on my face, because I was thinking they would be “very gentle” as the package states, but they are actually strong enough for my whole body, so I have one by my sink and in the shower now.  Love them!

I admit that once I find a mascara I like I rarely switch!!  I have been using Great Lash by Maybelline for so long but keep hearing about all of the new mascaras on the market, so I decided to pick a new one!  This one is by L’oreal and I used it for the first time this morning and really like it.  The brush is super cool and precise.  I highly recommend.

This pick is a little fuzzy, sorry.  But it’s of the Maybelline “Unstoppable” eyeliner.  I don’t know about you guys, but I have a hard time with my eyeliner running/transferring onto my lids and under my eyes.  I’ve tried all kinds of waterproof ones, but they still transfer!  Now, I haven’t tried anything that can’t be purchased at the drugstore, so if you guys have any suggestions, please let me know!  Anyway, this one seems to be pretty good.  I tried it this morning and have had very little running or transfer.  Albeit, there is still a touch of smudge, but way better than usual!!

Again, fuzzy.  Sorry.  This is another “24 Hour” eyeliner I bought to try but haven’t yet!  Have any of you tried this one?

Finally, this is just a Maybelline eyeshadow in “Vanilla”.  I ran out of the color I usually use as the base for my eye makeup so I needed another one!  I used it this morning and it’s doing the trick!  🙂

What have you purchased lately that you are really liking?



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