The Top Dining Etiquette Mistakes

The Top Dining Etiquette Mistakes

1.Bread should be broken piece-by-piece, buttered, and then eaten.
2.Anything that is dropped on the floor should remain there.
3.Salt and pepper should be passed together.
4.Never pick your teeth or blow your nose at the table.
5.A sweetener packet should be folded and place under the edge of your saucer or bread plate.
6.Remember to say “please” and “thank you” to your server.
7.If you discover a piece of bone, gristle, or a seed in your food, remove it the same way it went in.
8.Don’t double dip
9.Never push your plate away from you when you are finished.
10.Wait until everyone at your table has been served before beginning.
11.Place your napkin in your lap almost immediately upon sitting.
12.Food is passed counter-clockwise
Hope these help!!
Have a big piece of cake for me!


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