A Few Pet Faves

Here are a few of my favorite pet products right now.  🙂

Polka Dot Dog Company Picture Frames – These frames are handmade and painted and a portion of the proceeds goes to animal rescue organizations.  They come in different colors, designs, and sayings and are perfect for the animal lover!!


The Polka Dot Dog Company Feeder – I couldn’t help but include two items from this company!!  I love their pet products and can’t wait to use them.  Again, a portion of proceeds from the sale of these items goes toward animal rescue organizations.  This fleur-de-lis feeder is perfect for Louisiana!!!



Occupi Busy Bars – Prada says “YUMMY!”  These small-sized busy bars are the perfect thing to keep your pet happy and their teeth clean at the same time!


Petstages Tiger Tail Tease Toy – I promise that EVERY cat will love this toy!  They can’t get enough of the feathers and beads!  My cats love, love, love this toy so much.  I definitely recommend it for your feline friends, too!


SoftPaws – I am not a fan of declawing kitties, so I support SoftPaws wholeheartedly.  These cat claw covers are glued onto your cats natural claws.  They can be put on by a veterinarian or if your cat is calm you can attempt it yourself.  They last several months and poor kitty doesn’t have to go through the pain of having his claws surgically removed.


SoftPaws can be found at your local Petco or Petsmart.  And the rest of the products above can be purchased at my boutique.  If you would like to order online, just let me know.  Thanks for reading!



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